Exchange and Return Policy

Dear customer,

Medications are products intended for human health. For this reason, before they reach you, they go through numerous processes, such as: research, development, quality control, transportation and administration. In order for the quality and effectiveness of your medicine to be maintained by Pharma-K, you have strict quality assurance processes, such as:

• Storage: Pharma-K has an air-conditioned temperature in its entire structure, and has trained professionals, taking care of all the details that involve the storage of medicines.
• Pharma-K is a company attested by the GAFO Group (Supplier Evaluation Group), being a differential that enables us to sell to the main reference hospitals of the country, attesting our quality, within this strict quality standard.
• Transportation: Pharma-K has validated packages for the transfer of medicines from all medical specialties, according to ANVISA standards.

At the time of delivery the Customer must follow the itinerary described below:


Based on the above, conditions for exchange and return of products distributed by Pharma-K are as follows:

Reasons for exchange / return:
Check drug information: 
1) Name of the medicinal product;
2) dosage (mg, g, ml, among others);
3) quantity; presentation (tablets, capsules, ampoules, among others);
4) lot;
5) validity;
6) integrity of the packaging;
7) Storage / Receiving temperature.

• Check invoice, amounts, tax and fiscal data.

• If you find any divergence, do not receive the merchandise and save on the back of the invoice the reason for the return, sign and date. The authorized transport agent must also sign and stamp the invoice. In no case will returns be accepted after signing the manifesto of receipt by the customer.

1.2. After delivery and acceptance of the customer, there will only be returns in the following cases:


The returns will be evaluated by submitting the death certificate of the patient, this is applicable to the individual and legal entity.

Suspension or Exchange of Medication:

In case of suspension or exchange of the medication, the report / prescription issued by the prescriber must be presented to prove this need.


In case of failure of the package, provided that it is verified at the time of delivery and reported to the carrier and the contact with Pharma-K is established immediately. No further questions will be accepted.


Return / Exchange Procedure:
For product exchange and / or return, we request Customer to contact the Customer Service Representative and / or Customer's Central Pharma-K at 0800 770 2475, (11) 3675-1524, (11) 3871-2475 or by e-mail:


• Have the sales invoice number of the product (DANFE) available .
• Upon receipt of the request it will be analyzed and our exchange will contact the necessary instructions.
• The exchanges will be authorized by an endorsement of the Pharma-K technical team.
• Only exchanges will be accepted due to: breakdown of packaging (found on delivery) and breakage of the product

2.1 Deadlines for return / exchange request


• Thermolabile medications: Only on delivery and in compliance with the provisions of this document.
• Ambient temperature medicines: Within 7 days after delivery, provided the medication is in perfect condition (sealing and packaging accordingly).

Additional Conditions:
• The exchangeable product can only be returned as long as it is in original packaging, in good condition, packaging without scratches and / or adhesives, intact and without breaking the seal;
• Refrigerated (perishable) products can not be returned after they have been received by the customer.
• At the time of delivery, only exchange requests will be accepted due to an overdue delivery and / or temperature excursion, which may have damaged the product, making it unfit for use. Any refrigerated product that returns to our logistics center automatically follows the disposal procedure. "
• The patient should photograph the package at the time of delivery, to verify the malfunction and to contact one of the communication channels (upon receipt).
• Requests for exchange will be accepted only upon delivery, no further requests will be accepted.

Reimbursement will be made after reviewing the criteria below:

• Refunds will only be made for return cases.
• The deadline for the transfer is 72 hours after the request has been approved. The account of the holder and / or person in charge of the application is required, with the presentation of an identification document.


Any questions regarding this policy or procedure to be adopted, please contact us by phone: 0800 770 2475. Hours Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 (except holidays) or by e-mail:, or