Exchange and Return Policy

Dear customer,

Medicines are products destinated to human health, so, before they reach you, they pass through many processes as: research, development, quality control, transportation and management. In order to maintain the quality and efficacy of your product, Pharma-K has a few strict quality warranty processes:

• Storage: Pharma-K has appropriate temperatures through the whole facility, and its high quality professional's' are always taking care of the details related to drug storage.
• Pharma-K is accredited by GAFO (Providers Evaluation Group), which attest our procedures quality. This accreditation enables us to sell our products to the best hospitals in the country, because the majority of them looks for companies that are accredited by GAFO to purchase their needs.
• Transportation: Pharma-K has validated packages for products transportation, in accordingly with ANVISA standards.

On the time of delivery, the client should check al the items described below:

Please find below exchange and return conditions of products delivered by Pharma-K:

1. Conditions for exchange / return:

Double check all the product information described below:

1) Product name;
2) Dosage (mg, g, ml, etc.);
3) Quantity and presentation (tablets, capsules, vial, etc.);
4) Batch;
5) Expiration date;
6) Package integrity;
7) storage and delivery temperature.

• Double check invoice, prices and taxes.

• If any divergences are found, do not accept the delivery and explain in a few words on the back of the invoice why you're returning the product, plus sign and add the present date. The agent that is delivering the product should sign and stamp the invoice as well. Any returns will be accepted after client's signature and product delivery.

1.2. After delivery and product acceptance, returns will be accepted if:


Returns will be evaluated with patient's death certificate presentation. This is applicable for personal and corporation purchases.

Interruption or medicine switch:

In case of switch or interruption of the medicine, a report or a new prescription should be presented to prove the patient's need.


In case of package damage, returns are accepted if problem is noticed at delivery time and reported to delivery responsible and Pharma-K immediately. Pharma-K doesn't accept late complaints.

2. Return and exchange policy:

The client should contact the commercial representative that was in charged of the purchase, call the customer service 0800 770 2475 (Brazil only), +55 (11) 3675-1524, +55 (11) 3871-2475 or send an e-mail to:

• Please have in hands the purchase invoice (DANFE).
• After receiving your request, it will be analyzed and a customer service representative will contact you to inform the instructions you should follow.
• Exchanges will be authorized by Pharma-K support team.
• We only accept exchanges related to: package damage (informed at delivery time) and product breakdown.

2.1 Terms for return/exchange:

• Thermolabile drugs: Only if problems are informed at delivery time following the previous instructions mentioned on this document.
• Room temperature drugs: Maximum after 7 days after delivery, if the packages are in perfect conditions (seal and package in conformity with our standards).

3. Additional Conditions:

• The product to be returned will only be accepted back if found in original package, good conditions, with original seal and no marks or rupture.
• Thermolabile products won't be accepted after delivery.
• At delivery time, return requests will only be accepted if delivery date is exceeded and/or temperature excursion. All thermolabile products that return to our logistic center, goes automatically to discard process.
• The client should take a picture at the delivery time to prove any package breakdown and contact our customer service center immediately.
• Exchange requests will only be accepted at the moment of delivery, posterior requests won't be accepted.


Refunds will be placed after analysis of the following criteria:

• Refunds will be placed only in return cases.
• The refund term is 72 hours after request approval. Pharma-K will need the purchaser account number and ID.

For any further questions, please contact us: 0800 770 2475 (Brazil only). Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm (Hours may vary on Holidays). You can also contact us by e-mail:, or